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KobaSpeech 3

KobaSpeech 3 integrates all your favourite high quality voices of Nuance VOCALIZER Expressive in your favourite screen reader!

KobaSpeech 3

KobaSpeech 3 is a program that combines voices in that way that they are recognised by a screen reader. KobaSpeech 3 uses the most recent voices of Nuance VOCALIZER Expressive. These natural high quality voices are standard SAPI-5 and 22khz.


Combine it with your screen reader!

KobaSpeech 3 is a speech synthesizer that can be installed on your computer with speech output and text-to-speech. Most screen reader programs are supplied with standard voices of low quality. Moreover these programs don’t contain all available voices!

KobaSpeech 3 is fantastic to combine with:

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